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[ICO]NameLast modifiedDescription

[Output]curl.out05-Dec-2010 13:55 Outputs headers+data of URL: curl.out?in=URL
[Output]date.out23-Aug-2011 18:09 Outputs date and time on the server
[Output]error.out05-Dec-2010 13:02 Outputs errors informations
[Output]host.out05-Dec-2010 13:03 Outputs your host
[Output]ip.out05-Dec-2010 13:02 Outputs your IP address
[Input]latest.in05-Dec-2010 13:09 Inputs (by IP) latest run (in Unix time)
[Output]latest.out05-Dec-2010 13:16 Outputs (by IP) latest run of
[Output]md5.out05-Dec-2010 13:17 Outputs MD5 hash of a THING: md5.out?in=THING
[Output]o8Newsletter.out19-Feb-2011 19:02 Outputs MTK for a TAGS: o8Newsletter.out?in=TAGS
[Output]time.out23-Aug-2011 18:10 Outputs UNIX time on the server
[Output]uas.out10-Dec-2010 16:06 Outputs your User Agent String